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Established: 5/18/2004

Welcome to Dorienne, a place where you can catch up on your favorite entertainment news, fashion trends or simply waste countless hours of your life.

So, sit back and relax, for you've found the only website you'll ever need again.


12/7/2004 - Added new games to The Peaceful Palace
11/4/2004 - Updated my pictues.
10/26/2004 - What's Hot is updated for Fall 2004
7/26/2004 - Why that scrollbar looks simply devine!
7/24/2004 - Be the first to sign the GUESTBOOK!
7/12/2004 - Added the 'Peaceful Palace.' Let the procrastination begin!
Special Features
The Peaceful Palace
~ wonderful place full of games and other time wasting opportunities
The Daily Rant
~ my rantings about everything on a somewhat daily basis
Midnight Calvin
~ a site devoted to the dearly missed comic
Harry Potter's Realm
~ it's a realm...about Harry Potter....not much to explain
The Animation Station
~ from animated shows & movies to random animated pictures this station has it all
The Sounds Center
~ a house for mp3s, wmas, and all my sounds found on this site
Dorienne's Links
~ my favorite links, links I used for this site and every link I have ever used here, all in one place
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