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Established: 5/18/2004

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UPDATES - archives

10/31/2006 - Finally! Fashion updates! A new version update is on the way.

9/22/2006 - Lots of background updates made to all pages under this site. I have link changes for many of the pages here. Please update accordingly and watch for Fashion updates coming soon.

7/18/2006 - Introducing: Version 2.5! The code is cleaner and the page loads better. There are loads more changes to come including the big change in Entertainment

6/3/2006 - More updates made to The X-Files. Episodes will be available within a few weeks.

6/1/2006 - Added new videos and pictures to the About Me page

5/24/2006 - Made major updates to The X-Files

Special Features

The Peaceful Palace

~ a wonderful place full of games and other time-wasting opportunities

Midnight Calvin

~ a site devoted to the dearly missed comic

The X-Files

~ a tribute to television at its finest

The Daily Rant

~ my rantings about everything on a somewhat daily basis

Harry Potter's Realm

~ a realm...about Harry Potter....not much else to explain

The Sounds Center

~ a house for mp3s, wmas, and all my sounds found on this site

Dorienne's Links

~ my favorite links, links I used for this site and every link I have ever used here, all in one place