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Established: 5/18/2004

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UPDATES - archives

9/25/2007 - Added a custom Google search box. Yay...

9/1/2007 - Added a forum! I am not sure if it will be anything more than a spamming haven for now, but it is there. Be one of the first to register and post to your heart's content!

8/12/2007 - Updated the About Me page, giving it a complete makeover and adding more stories and songs to the page. I have also updated all my pages for the new specs...phew!

7/30/2007 - Piggybacking off the poem, I thought I would announce the beginning of my first 'official' The Sims 2 Story: The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant. Also, I removed the real reason; just got sick of looking at it.

7/29/2007 - After taking a poetry class for school, I think this seemed fitting: a new The X-Files fan fiction - Gone, a poem.

6/24/2007 - Something different: As my interests change, so does this site and I have added some items while deleting others. My interest in Harry has been waning for some time, so I have decided to put the site on hiatus for now. I may go back and pick it up, but for now it is simply wasting space. In Harry's place I am adding two sites I created as class projects, but have always wanted to make: The SVU Connection and The Simfile, dedicated to both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Sims 2. Both sites are works in progess and are bound to many changes before they are "finished," but I have added them just the same.

Special Features

The Peaceful Palace

~ a wonderful place full of games and other time-wasting opportunities

Midnight Calvin

~ a site devoted to the dearly missed comic

The X-Files

~ a tribute to television at its finest

Dorienne's Blog

~ the pursuit of the pursuit of eternal happiness

The SVU Connection

~ connecting you to the SVU

The Simfile

~ The Sims 2...galore!

The Sounds Center

~ a house for mp3s, wmas, and all my sounds found on this site

Dorienne's Links

~ my favorite links, links I used for this site and every link I have ever used here, all in one place

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