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UPDATES - archives

6/4/2007 - It is a little late (actually, really late), but I finally updated Fashion for Spring 2007.

4/15/2007 - Updated About Me with pictures and videos from Training Graduation.

3/19/2007 - Major updates to The X-Files, adding an Image Gallery, archives and reworking the site's layout to make it more navigable. Fashion updates are forthcoming!

2/12/2007 - My blog and guestbook are both up and operational. Also, I added my YouTube page to About Me.

1/26/2007 - Hurray! I changed hosts! After facing a year of outages and substandard usage, I have moved from Acenet to Lunarpages and am already reaping the benefits. The blog and guestbook will be down for a little while, but everything will be peaches in a few days.

Special Features

The Peaceful Palace

~ a wonderful place full of games and other time-wasting opportunities

Midnight Calvin

~ a site devoted to the dearly missed comic

The X-Files

~ a tribute to television at its finest

Dorienne's Blog

~ the pursuit of the pursuit of eternal happiness

The SVU Connection

~ connecting you to the SVU

The Simfile

~ The Sims 2...galore!

The Sounds Center

~ a house for mp3s, wmas, and all my sounds found on this site

Dorienne's Links

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