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UPDATES - archives
2/28/11 - My poor neglected site...I have given up a lot in recent months to work on my novel. Perhaps some additions to The Simfile may be coming soon, but as soon as the novel is complete, things like the photo album and frequent updates to Dorienne Presents... should be occurring with some regularity. Read "I am kaitco" for now since I am finding it difficult to keep up with two separate blogs for now.
10/26/10 - Finally revamped The X-Files site; it is just the main page for now, but the others are to follow. It is my first site written as HTML 5 and does not support Internet Explorer 6. I have also decided that I will be updating The SVU Connection to make it look a little more modern and making some changes to Midnight Calvin.
10/4/10 - Re-added my Stories page until I get "Dorienne Presents..." up and rolling. I also added another house on The Simfile, updated my shows and music for my About Me and finally added my update to the site history (had to go through the Wayback Machine to grab some of the older files).
6/2/10 - Added a few new downloads to The Simfile. The hair retexture is just on this side of okay, but I think the new lots turned out pretty well. I have also been blogging semi-regularly at Dorienne's Log. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will have worked up to weekly updates.

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