In general, I don't like lists of links the way they are on the internet. They always seem to point nowhere but to other lists, wth very few links to actual sources of information. When I started out this site, I promised myself I would not include another pointlessly redundant list, and have been avoiding it until now.

However, I don't want to be a dead end on the information superhighway, and I know that my site doesn't contain nearly enough information to completely satisfy the curious student of Japanese. As a compromise, I've decided to provide links to those who have listed me on their sites. All of these sites are quite useful, and I've used them myself when surfing the web. They're listed in the order that they told me of their links.

And now it's been about half a year since I've updated this page. I apologize to those that gave me free exposure without any reciprocity. What I've done is I've gone through all those messages suggesting mutual links, seen if I could find a link back here, and if so, I've added it to the bottom.