My primary sources for infomation in preparing this site are Reading Japanese, by Eleanor Harz Jorden and Hamako Ito Chaplin, Essential Kanji, by P. G. O'neill, and the Shinmeikai Japanese Dictionary. That doesn't necessarily mean I followed their information perfectly; I'm sure I'm making plenty of mistakes as I go along.

All of the animation for the Japanese Writing Tutor was done with the GIF Construction Set, by Alchemy Mindworks. It's some tremendously useful shareware which't gotten around to registering yet. The still frames drawn using Painbrush, aka Paintbrush, which came with my Windows 3.1.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped catch my errors-- Hitomi Peterson, Richard Warmington, and especially my wife Mayuko (who is already an expert at catching my mistakes.) Also, I've got to say thank you to Masako O. Douglas and Laurent Delfosse who both gave me suggestions for improvements that I've since incorporated into the site.

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