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archived since it occurred to me that I might want to save these...for some reason.

5/21/12 - Splits! I've registered my future pen name dallisonsmith.com and my online name kaitco.net and plan to start splitting off some of this site to those areas. "The SVU Connection" and "House of Sesshoumaru" will be moving to kaitco.net as well as a few select projects revived from "The Graveyard" while all original writings (i.e., non-fan-fiction) will be moved to dallisonsmith.com. The moves probably won't start until 2013, but the first few steps are underway.

11/21/11 - Midnight Calvin ~ Sigh... After seven years of "operation," the copyright police forced me to remove the comics. I have found other sites online with a few comics and some images, though far less than I have, so Midnight Calvin may re-emerge at a later date with far less content. Until I can figure exactly what I want to do with the space, however, it is in The Graveyard as-is.

6/10/11 - A minor update to the main page is enough for me to call this Version 3.1 of the site. I have added my Twitter feed to the right and will soon add some Facebook "Like" buttons here and there. I updated my About Me page by changing some of the focus, adding links to my more interesting profiles and also a listing of all my past site playlists (with playable playlists soon to follow). In addition, I have also updated some webcomics on my Links and moved The Peaceful Palace to The Graveyard as I do not think it has had an update in about three years.

2/28/11 - My poor neglected site...I have given up a lot in recent months to work on my novel. Perhaps some additions to The Simfile may be coming soon, but as soon as the novel is complete, things like the photo album and frequent updates to Dorienne Presents... should be occurring with some regularity. Read "I am kaitco" for now since I am finding it difficult to keep up with two separate blogs for now.

10/26/10 - Finally revamped The X-Files site; it is just the main page for now, but the others are to follow. It is my first site written as HTML 5 and does not support Internet Explorer 6. I have also decided that I will be updating The SVU Connection to make it look a little more modern and making some changes to Midnight Calvin.

10/4/10 - Re-added my Stories page until I get "Dorienne Presents..." up and rolling. I also added another house on The Simfile, updated my shows and music for my About Me and finally added my update to the site history (had to go through the Wayback Machine to grab some of the older files).

6/2/10 - Added a few new downloads to The Simfile. The hair retexture is just on this side of okay, but I think the new lots turned out pretty well. I have also been blogging semi-regularly at Dorienne's Log. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I will have worked up to weekly updates.

5/5/10 - Updated the About Me page and some of the links. Also, I am a rather big Star Wars geek now, so have a visit at my Wookieepedia page as well.

1/19/10 - Year 2009 was a rough and busy year; not a lot of time for updates, but plenty of time for change: Detailed Updates

2/16/09 - Lots of news and many, many updates! So many, in fact, that it is a waste of space to detail everything in this box, so the details are HERE instead.

9/25/08 - I have updated the site disclaimer. Please review it when you get the chance. With that said, I will be adding more "stuff" to The SVU Connection and also House of Sesshoumaru. Fashion updates for Spring/Cruisewear are just around the corner...no really, they are...

8/20/08 - Updated my songs on the About Me page. Flight is on its last two chapters which will give me more time to work on other projects; specifically all my thus abandoned InuYasha, The Sims 2 and other SVU stories.

7/16/08 - Well, it has been five months since my last "official" update to the site, but finally, I have made some progress. Fashion has been updated to the Fall 2008 lines. I had not been able to update since Spring 2007, so be sure to check out Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 also. I have also added a new site into the fray: House of Sesshoumaru. It is still a work in progress, but is probably the best example of my work to date. On top of everything else, I also added four stories to the About Me page. I wrote them all a while ago and it was past time to add them.
*If you came here looking for info on Flight, a novel, I am working on it, but the last few chapters are in great need of revision and I really needed a break from all my literary projects, too.

2/12/08 - I have added a new fan fiction to my stories, "My Possession." It is an InuYasha story and I see myself adding a new page dedicated to a character of the manga just to help extend my skills with Photoshop and CSS. I am also intent on updating Lilith; something will updated by the end of the month. I also updated The Simfile so that my craptastic downloads will actually download.
Addendum: Inspiration has struck! I have added a new chapter of Flight and also one for Lilith.

12/12/07 - Added new "Favorite Songs" to the About Me page, Added The Yukon Song to Calvin Poetry and I am up to Chapter 6 in Flight. Fanfiction.net is suffering their site "glitch" problems, so I am sorry for those who had been reading the novel there. I will continue updating once they get their act together. Fashion updates are coming as well, but I need to finagle the images from shows in a new way, so I may do a "Fall archive/Spring update" in a few weeks. I am also working on updates to Lilith, but it seems every time I try some else goes wrong in my life. I am beginning to get a little superstitious in regards to it...

11/16/07 - I wrote a fan fiction novel. Flight, read along!

10/24/07 - It has been a tumultous month, and I am ready for a change. Introducing Version 3.0! I have moved the focus of the site to the items I update the most and put them up top. I have also changed the History page to add previous versions of other pages on the site.

9/25/2007 - Added a custom Google search box. Yay...

9/1/2007 - Added a forum! I am not sure if it will be anything more than a spamming haven for now, but it is there. Be one of the first to register and post to your heart's content!

8/12/2007 - Updated the About Me page, giving it a complete makeover and adding more stories and songs to the page. I have also updated all my pages for the new specs...phew!

7/30/2007 - Piggybacking off the poem, I thought I would announce the beginning of my first 'official' The Sims 2 Story: The Tragedy of Lilith B. Pleasant. Also, I removed the banner...no real reason; just got sick of looking at it.

7/29/2007 - After taking a poetry class for school, I think this seemed fitting: a new The X-Files fan fiction - Gone, a poem.

6/24/2007 - Something different: As my interests change, so does this site and I have added some items while deleting others. My interest in Harry has been waning for some time, so I have decided to put the site on hiatus for now. I may go back and pick it up, but for now it is simply wasting space. In Harry's place I am adding two sites I created as class projects, but have always wanted to make: The SVU Connection and The Simfile, dedicated to both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Sims 2. Both sites are works in progess and are bound to many changes before they are "finished," but I have added them just the same.

6/4/2007 - It is a little late (actually, really late), but I finally updated Fashion for Spring 2007.

4/15/2007 - Updated About Me with pictures and videos from Training Graduation.

3/19/2007 - Major updates to The X-Files, adding an Image Gallery, archives and reworking the site's layout to make it more navigable. Fashion updates are forthcoming!

2/12/2007 - My blog and guestbook are both up and operational. Also, I added my YouTube page to About Me.

1/26/2007 - Hurray! I changed hosts! After facing a year of outages and substandard usage, I have moved from Acenet to Lunarpages and am already reaping the benefits. The blog and guestbook will be down for a little while, but everything will be peaches in a few days.

12/5/2006 - Ended The Daily Rant. Now, all ranting will be done in my blog.

11/15/2006 - Updated the About Me page and added a new video. Also, Version 2.6!

10/31/2006 - Finally! Fashion updates! A new version update is on the way.

9/22/2006 - Lots of background updates made to all pages under this site. I have link changes for many of the pages here. Please update accordingly and watch for Fashion updates coming soon.

7/18/2006 - Introducing: Version 2.5! The code is cleaner and the page loads better. There are loads more changes to come including the big change in Entertainment

6/3/2006 - More updates made to The X-Files. Episodes will be available within a few weeks.

6/1/2006 - Added new videos and pictures to the About Me page

5/24/2006 - Made major updates to The X-Files

3/25/2006 - Completed revamped and updated Fashion, adding Shoes, Bags, and Men's Fashions

3/15/2006 - Wow! While diving through old files, I found one of my first attempt at creating this page: Version 1.5 found in History.

3/9/2006 - Finally...the guestbook is back! Sign to your heart's desire.

3/6/2006 - It took a while, but Midnight Calvin is 100% complete. Yay!

2/23/2006 - Updated the Comics page at Midnight Calvin, adding over a hundred comics

2/16/2006 - Wheee! I have created a Xanga Blog I intend on keeping up-to-date.

1/24/2006 - Many background-type changes were made to make the site viewable to multiple browsers. Yay!

1/23/2006 - Added The X-Files as a featured site.

1/14/2006 - Behold! I have finally updated all of my pictures and added videos too..

1/12/2006 - Bah! Server issues and IP changes....I am taking down my guestbook until I get some of this crap together.

12/10/2005 - I am making major changes to the code of this website. As of right now, very few of these pages will look (or sound) properly in browsers other than Internet Explorer. (Sorry!)

12/9/2005 - The banner toward the bottom of the page is now linked and will take you to its respective page.

12/8/2005 - Removed the polls...they were not very good anyway...

12/7/2005 - Updated and added new comics to Midnight Calvin

12/5/2005 - The Ranting has begun! Created the page and added rants to The Daily Rant

11/3/2005 - Added feature show The X-Files to the TV Department

10/29/2005 - Updated Fashion Reviews and updated Midnight Calvin

10/27/2005 - Added comics to Midnight Calvin

10/7/2005 - Updated What's Hot for Fall 2005

6/7/2005 - Updated What's Hot for Spring 2005

6/7/2005 - Ended the Animation Station...were you actually going to visit it?

6/6/2005 - Changed the style of the homepage, the me page, and other stuff...

1/2005 - 5/2005 - There were updates....I simply cannot find them...

12/7/2004 - Added new games to The Peaceful Palace

11/4/2004 - Updated my pictues.

10/26/2004 - What's Hot is updated for Fall 2004

7/26/2004 - Why that scrollbar looks simply devine!

7/24/2004 - Be the first to sign the GUESTBOOK!

7/12/2004 - Added the 'Peaceful Palace.' Let the procrastination begin!