House of Sesshoumaru

Welcome to House of Sesshoumaru-sama!

Sesshoumaru-sama!Welcome to House of Sesshoumaru-sama!
House of Sesshoumaru contains a gathering of information, images and articles all about the best character from InuYasha...Sesshoumaru! All fanfiction presented here will be about Sesshoumaru and the episodes and manga scans are all concerning the best Sesshoumaru-centered story arcs. There is plenty to do, plenty to watch and plenty to read here, so sit back, relax and prepare to enjoy yourself in the house of Lord Sesshoumaru!


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Lots and lots of backgrounds, avatars, and other images of everyone's favorite demon
The best of the stories that are mostly or all about Sesshoumaru
Manga Scans:
English translations for scans of the best story-arcs in the manga.
Your favorite episodes about your favorite character.
Written essays regarding Sesshoumaru and his relationship to the other characters in the manga, with a special emphasis on InuYasha and Rin.
Odds and ends, like music and links that do not fit into the other categories.