The Simfile

The Sims 2 Game Screenshots

a collection of my most striking gameplay images

Morgan and Claire Baurengarde
Morgan Baurengarde argues with her teenaged daughter Claire after it becomes evident that Morgan will be come a young grandmother.
Sadie Scott and Daniel Holland
A picture of Daniel and Sadie Scott (West) Holland from a date in college sits on the coffee table in the living of their new house; always liked the picture of a picture.
Erica Dwante
Erica Dwante's striking appearance comes from her father who has my Very Dark skin and her mother's light grey eyes.
Mason Bramble
The ghost of Mason Bramble wanders through his old bedroom. It took me years to finally let him go.
Reuben, Abbey (Sullivant), Catherine and Benjamin West
Reuben West hands his son Elijah to his mother Catherine. Reuben, his wife Abbey and twins Elijah and Emmanuel moved into the family estate with his parents Catherine and Benjamin.
Rita Portlay and Braylen Ketcham
Rita Portlay cries as the social worker comes to take her son Braylen. Braylen is now Braylen Ketcham is living quite happily with his new mother.
Liesel Peyton
Meet Liesel Peyton: one of my most beautiful creations from CAS; too bad her husband is a philanderer and has a thing for teenaged girls...
Oliviette (Macombson) Walton
Oliviette (Macombson) Walton paints a picture and...Wait, that's me she's painting!
Jeremiah and Gabriella Carr
Jeremiah and Gabriella Carr fight over a bottle as Joe Carr puts to bed Gabriella's twin, Savannah, and pregnant mom, Ivy, is too busy to notice.
Kikyo Doyle
Kikyo Doyle walks home from a visit; one of my first attempts at a Japanese sim. Her husband is white, so I've had to beef up my Japanese sim families to keep the whole group going.
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