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The Sims 2 Game Screenshots

a collection of my most striking gameplay images

Evil Snowman
I don't know what's worse: the fact that there was an evil snowman or the fact that I've no idea who built it.
Nahelena Goth
Nahelena Goth gets the bejeezus scared out of her by a ghost on the Goth manor. Maybe it was because she's called "Goth," but her mother is Dina (Caliente) Goth and her father is Don Lothario.
Sadie Scott (West) and Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland looks on as his bride-to-be, Sadie Scott West, comes down the aisle.
Kenicka Harrison
One of Don Lothario's offspring, Kenicka Harrison, is so close to poverty-stricken that she pulls whatever she find out of nearby trashcans.
Brynton Samuels
Meet Brynton Samuels: his mother is biracial and his father is white and young Brynton has the potential to be one of my most attractive sims.
Michael Fielding
Michael Fielding died years ago (in real time and game time), but that does not stop his ghost from raiding the fridge.
Jeremiah, Gabriella, Savannah and Davin Carr
Jeremiah (left), Gabriella (front), Savannah (back) and Davin Carr (right) spend time at the activity table since for, one day, all four Carrs are the same age.
Katsurou Kyoto
Katsurou Kyoto is another effort at Japanese sims. He, unfortunately, is one of the last to look attractive and Asian at the same time. Not too many of the others have turned out as well.
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