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Established: 5/18/2004
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3/21/15 - Long time, no updates. The face of the internet has changed so much since I began this site 11 years ago, it's hard to keep up with the new languages and the effects of social media. Some notable changes are the removal of my twitter feed, the banishment of The SVU Connection and House of Sesshoumaru to The Graveyard, and the addition of links directly to my Wordpress, my Tumblr, and my Twitter. I'm very focused on getting published, so further updates will be sparse, but I'll be keeping this around for a while as a fun hobby.
11/17/13 - Doing some small background changes at the moment: Between getting bits of spam and notices about outdated mysql tables, I've thought it best to take some time and fix some things that have gone unchecked for ages. I'll also be taking a break from querying through March 2014, so there may be more forthcoming site changes, with some short stories thrown in for good measure.
2/27/13 - I've made some very minor updates to my About page, but I'm in the process of re-familiaring myself with coding HTML again. This means I'll be doing a 4.0-type redesign of the site. This will include the beginning moves of smaller projects, revamping Midnight Calvin, "finishing" my X-Files site, putting more effort in my Sims 2 page, and finally focusing on making this a portal to my writing.


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