A Justin FAQ Page

Ok, so here's a brief list of things about Justin. My suggestion, memorize them so when you see them you can think of Justin.(As if you aren't thinking about him all the time:)

Full name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Birthdate(memorize!): January 31, 1981

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Nicknames: Curly, The Baby, and Mr. Smooth

Hair: Curly and dirty blond

Hobbies: Basketball and shopping

Family: mother-Lynn; father-Paul; half-bro-Jonathan

Pets: A cat and a dog

Favorite Food: Cereal (especially Apple Jacks)

Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock

Favorite Model: Tyra Banks

Favorite Word: Crunk

Collects: North Carolina (NC for those of you who don't know their initials) basketball gear

Dislikes: Snakes, fake people, and his curly hair (although I love it ;)

Idol: Michael Jordan

Most Prized Possession: his voice (besides me)

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