The Simfile

The Sims 2 Game Screenshots

a collection of my most striking gameplay images

Catherine West
The mother of my favorite sims, Catherine West, catcalls a football game
Dustin Broke and Stewart Broke
Dustin Broke can't help noticing that his third child with Angela resembles her friend Don Lothario a bit more than he would like
Mason, Tara and Tatum Bramble
My very first Sims 2 family: Mason and Tara Bramble and their first son Tatum, taken 12/11/2004. Mason and Tara have been gone for a while; Tatum has had five kids and is now about four days from Elder.
John and Lucy Burb
The ghost of John Burb continues to weep for his prematurely deceased wife, Jennifer, while his daughter struggles on her own.
Hezekiah and Jayquera Archibalde
Hezekiah Archibalde and his daughter Jayquera take a simultaneous tumble at the fishing hole.
Lillias Michaels
Meet Lillias Michaels; born in-game and one of my most beautiful sims. I've turned her into a bit of a whore, but I still adore her.
Sadie Scott Holland and Elijas West
My favorite sim in the whole game, Sadie Scott (West) Holland holds her nephew Elijah for the first time. Her twin brother Reuben had twin boys while they were still in college; totally screwed up my plans for the West family.
Mortimer Goth
The ghost of Mortimer Goth continues playing SSX from beyond the grave.
Catherine, Reuben and Sadie Scott West
Catherine West overlooks her twins Sadie Scott and Reuben as they play after breakfast; I've played the Wests since the kids were toddlers and now they're starting their own families.
Catherine West
Don Lothario has a negative reaction to meeting his daughter Kenicka, by way of Tamia Harrison.
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